Was Your Child Recently Diagnosed with ADHD? 4 Benefits of Dance Classes for Children with Behavioral Challenges

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An ADHD diagnosis often brings many changes to a family's life. While you may be relieved to finally know what your child needs to be successful, you may also still be trying to figure out exactly what works best for your child. The time after a new diagnosis of ADHD often requires you to experiment with different strategies until you find out what works best. In addition to the treatments that your child's physician recommends, you can also include children's dance classes in their routine to enjoy these benefits.

Get Their Energy Out

One of the hallmark symptoms of ADHD is having excessive energy. Your child may struggle with staying calm during quiet activities such as what they experience at school. Dance classes are physically taxing, which helps your child tame some of their energetic behavior. In fact, you can choose more active styles of dance to help your child burn off their energy. Kids' jazz dance classes involve fast movements and steps that challenge your child to give it their all.

Relieve Daily Stress

Life can get stressful for a child with ADHD. Your child may experience stress if their behavior causes them to get into trouble at school. Dancing stimulates your child's body to release endorphins that promote a happier mood.

Increase Their Ability to Focus

Part of your child's treatment strategies will likely include activities that are designed to help them learn how to extend the amount of time that they can focus on a task. Dance lessons are exciting enough that kids tend to find it easier to focus on learning the new steps compared to other types of activities. Your child can also practice their new moves at home in shorter amounts of time throughout the day until they are able to maintain their attention for a longer practice session.

Provide Opportunities for Success

Many children with ADHD also struggle with academic challenges such as having lower grades or being unable to perform at the same level as their peers due to their challenges with their attention span. Dance lessons even out the playing field since the instructors are able to use physical activity to help kids with ADHD pay attention throughout the class. Being able to master a new dance move or even show off their skills at a recital gives your child a chance to enjoy being in the spotlight for their achievements.